Celebrating World Tuberculosis Day and Cabrini Ministries Swaziland in their fight against TB

There may be low rates of Tuberculosis in Australia, but in Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) it is a different story. Eswatini is among the many countries who are currently fighting against Tuberculosis, or TB.

With the dual epidemics of TB and HIV, the risk of co-infection in the nation is high and the consequences are deadly. Health issues such as these are intensified by the remote landscape and an inability to access adequate healthcare services or education. Now, the COVID-19 Pandemic has further disrupted the healthcare system and its ability to function. 

Our partners at Cabrini Ministries Swaziland in Eswatini have committed to addressing health barriers in the region, such as the inability to access healthcare due to the remote environment. By extending their mobile services to more local communities, our partners have begun to address some of these inequalities in healthcare.

Eswatini health care building 795x600

In an effort to support Cabrini Ministries Swaziland to ensure more equitable healthcare and improve access in the remote and disadvantaged region, last July Cabrini Outreach re-signed a one year funding commitment.

In supporting our on-ground partners to extend their reach, we hope to help them increase access to TB and HIV screening, treatment and education for local, remote communities. 

In the first 4 months of the expansion, Cabrini Ministries Swaziland increased screening for the area, which resulted in over 6,000 people being tested for HIV and TB infections. Of the 11 patients at the clinic who were suffering from TB, all were treated, with no deaths recorded from TB or TB/HIV co-infections. This is an amazing success for a region that has previously been ravaged by the loss and suffering that TB and HIV cause.

Thanks to Cabrini Ministries Swaziland, their local communities can rest easy knowing that there is better access to basic healthcare in the region.

If you would like to contribute to our current campaign for Cabrini Ministries Swaziland in Eswatini, click here: cabrinioutreach.com.au/donate-now/prevent-cervical-cancer-in-eswatini