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Policies and procedures

Our operations are supported by a policy framework. Where possible, Cabrini Australia Limited has one policy position that applies across all services and subsidiaries. Where this is not possible, we have developed separate policies to cover the unique activities of Cabrini Outreach.

Child Safeguarding

We have a duty of care to ensure the safety of children involved in and impacted by our services.  In the international setting, we work with some of the most vulnerable of the world’s children.  The nature of our work may make us potentially at risk of being targeted by people seeking access to vulnerable children.

It is mandatory for all Cabrini Outreach personnel and associates to report any witnessed, suspected or alleged incidents of child exploitation or abuse or any breach of the Child Safeguarding Policy and/or Code of Conduct. These concerns may relate to a child or a staff member involved in the organisation or a concern about a child or person/s outside of the Cabrini Outreach’s programs.

Code of Conduct

We want to ensure our programs and partnerships comply with best practice international standards. Our Code of Conduct details the commitments we make to respectful and transparent behaviour.

Feedback and Complaints

We encourage our supporters, program participants, local communities, partners, and other internal and external stakeholders to share their feedback with us, including any complaints or concerns, whether in Australia or abroad.


Privacy is the right of individuals to choose how their information is disclosed. We are committed to using your information responsibly and protecting your rights. Our Privacy Statement explains how and why we collect and use personal information and what to do if you have any questions, concerns or complaints.

Transparency and Accountability

Being transparent and accountable to our stakeholders, in particular the people we seek to serve, is important to us.  We uphold these commitments by proactively publishing information and responding directly to information requests.  Our Open Information Statement explains the types of information you can find on this website and how to request other information that is of interest to you.

We are committed to fair, transparent and well-informed decision making that is not influenced by conflicts of interest.  The Conflict of Interest policy outlines our expectations of employees and volunteers on matters relating to potential, actual or perceived interest and the procedure to follow in response to these situations.

We invest our resources in reducing poverty and addressing global justice issues. Our Development and Non-development Funding protocol outlines the process we follow to minimise the risk of funds being spent on other priorities.

We are committed to guarding against Financial Wrongdoing. We recognise that fraud, corruption and bribery are sensitive issues in the international development context and we seek to continuously understand what comprises corruption, fraud and bribery, recognise its forms and scale, and be aware of the conditions that lead to it.

We believe an effective Fraud Corruption and Control Plan is essential to achieve both operational efficiency and accountability to our stakeholders.

Allegations of wrongdoing, corruption, fraud, bribery or other financial impropriety may be made directly to the Chairman of Cabrini Australia Limited.  All allegations of this nature will be managed according to the Cabrini Whistleblowing Policy.