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    Creating a better future together

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    Support people seeking asylum in Regional Victoria

    Cabrini Outreach is already providing health care to people seeking asylum around the north of Melbourne. Now, we are asking for your help to provide similar health services in regional Victoria, where there is an identified, urgent need.

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    ‘Filling in the Gaps’- Catch-up immunisations for asylum seekers and refugees

Our mission is to address social disadvantage and contribute to the development of more inclusive, equitable and compassionate communities.

Enabling better health care 

We deliver services and build the capacity of our health partners to achieve the health-related sustainable development goals, set out by the UN in 2015. 

Seeking social justice

We seek to collaborate and drive change towards a more just and inclusive society.

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Australian programs

Cabrini Outreach aims to be a source of healing and inspiration to rectify national injustices and inequalities.
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Dr and nurse group PNG

Overseas programs

Our overseas programs seek to improve health services in the developing world.
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The STAR-MH Tool is a simple mental health screening test for aslyum seekers
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We recognise the traditional rights of Indigenous peoples and acknowledge their right to maintain their cultures, identities, traditions and customs. Indigenous peoples often represent some of the most marginalised populations around the world.  Often they experience discrimination as well as political and social disadvantage. We encourage cultural sensitivity and recognise and respect sites, places, structures and objects that are culturally or traditionally significant. 

We especially pay our respects to the Elders of all Australia’s First People for they hold the memories, traditions, culture and hopes of Aboriginal Australia.