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Your access to this website and Cabrini Pages are governed by these terms and conditions (Terms), as amended from time to time. By using this website and the Cabrini Pages, you agree to these Terms.

  • “Content” is defined as text, post, graphics, photographs, animation, video, structure, navigation, functionality and features on any Cabrini Page.
  • “Cabrini Page” is defined as any Cabrini Outreach owned and managed website/s, Twitter, YouTube and any other social media pages or channels.
  • “Contribution” is defined as submission of content by an external user to any a Cabrini Page.
  • “Cabrini Outreach” is defined as Cabrini Outreach Ltd including the Asylum Seeker and Refugee Health Hub and Project Sihat Psychosocial Support – Shepparton.

While the Cabrini Pages provide information about services provided by Cabrini Outreach, it is not intended to provide medical advice to any individual person. While Cabrini Outreach has made reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy of the Content, Cabrini Outreach does not warrant the accuracy of the content or its relevance to your health.
The Content is not intended to be, nor should it be relied on, as a substitute for medical or other professional advice. We recommend that advice should be sought from your treating doctor or healthcare professional about your individual circumstances.
Cabrini Outreach is not and will not be held responsible or liable for any of the Content, errors or omissions on the Cabrini Pages.

Cabrini Pages

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Cabrini Outreach has used reasonable endeavours to ensure that the Content is correct at the time the Content was created or last modified.

Cabrini Outreach reserves the right to make changes to the Content at any time as required.


Cabrini Outreach may provide links to other website/s or social media pages from any of the Cabrini Pages. This does not mean endorsement or guaranteed accuracy of content on these pages; links to content should not be interpreted as support or approval of those organisations or people who manage or contribute to them.

Links to various website/s and social media pages are provided as a general service and for the convenience of visitors/users. If you choose to access any third party site via these links, you do so at your own risk.

Social Media Monitoring

Responses – Cabrini Outreach makes reasonable attempts to respond to direct messages or replies on the Cabrini Pages. However, all formal requests, complaints, comments or requests for resolution of issues regarding hospital services, facilities, or caregivers must be directed via the phone numbers provided on the website.

Removal – Contribution related to health, our events, news and services are welcomed. Criticism targeted at individuals, derogatory remarks or inappropriate use of language will be removed. Cabrini Outreach maintains its right to monitor and manage the Cabrini Pages, including removing any Contribution it deems inappropriate.


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This website and its Contents are subject to copyright under the laws of Australia and, through international treaties, other countries. The copyright in the Content on this site, in this website as a whole, and in the Content on the Cabrini Pages is owned by Cabrini Outreach. The copyright in some materials incorporated within this website may be owned by third parties. You may use the Cabrini Pages and its Content for your own personal use, but must not otherwise reproduce, adapt or modify without Cabrini Outreach’s written permission.

Trade marks

Cabrini Outreach and its associated entities own a number of trade marks that appear on the Cabrini Pages. Nothing displayed on the Cabrini Pages grants any rights to use or distribute the trade marks, including logos and names, without the express written permission of Cabrini Outreach.