Cabrini Outreach Christmas giving tree appeal

Cabrini Outreach - Christmas Giving Tree for asylum seekers - Donate now

Help us celebrate Christmas at Cabrini by supporting our Giving Tree for asylum seekers in Melbourne or our international programs in Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea and Swaziland.
As a Catholic organisation, Christmas is the high point of the year for us as we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Gift giving is an important part of the Cabrini tradition of compassion. At this time of year, we give thanks for our good fortune by sharing it with people less fortunate than ourselves. This year we are offering a new range of options to increase the impact of your generosity.

You can choose to support the following;

Asylum seekers in Melbourne

More than 350 people are receiving free primary care and/or specialist mental health care at the Cabrini Asylum Seeker and Refugee Health Hub. The vast majority have either no access to Medicare or Medicare but no income.  Our psychiatrists, general practitioners and physiotherapist give their time for free.  Your donation will help meet the other costs associated with their care.

Families in Ethiopia

Climate change is having a devastating effect on people in developing countries who rely on subsistence farming to live. Following the recent rain, 90 families supported on the Nutrition Program through the drought have been able to establish their crops and become self-sufficient again. 130 families require ongoing support as they are unable to support themselves due to an illness, disability or not having enough arable land. Cabrini Ministries relies on donations to support this program.

Patients in Papua New Guinea

Our most recent service program was conducted at Modilon Hospital in October. The team comprised two orthopaedic surgeons, a scrub nurse and anaesthetist. They operated on 34 patients in one week.  As well as having a significant outcome on the lives of these patients, they spent much of their time teaching the local staff, which has the potential of impacting many more people in the future.  Your donation will help us expand the program to other medical specialities, having a far greater reach.

Patients in Swaziland

Cervical cancer is the only cancer that can be completely prevented by screening.,  While it is being eradicated in most developed countries, it remains the most common and deadly cancer for women in Swaziland. In an 8-month pilot project, Cabrini Ministries’ screened 700 women and prevented over 100 women from possible cervical cancer. Your funding will enable the program to continue while Cabrini Ministries looks for other external grants.

Cabrini Outreach - Christmas Giving Tree for asylum seekers - Donate now